Reset agenda fails

A lot of people aren’t going along with the total reset. Who can blame them?

There’s no meritocracy, nor competency nor stability nor real wealth building under the great reset.

Endless capital creation is overwhelming sounder economic policies of the past that were based on the idea of real scarcity. We still have real scarcity but now we have more capital and with every additional dollar created the dollar represents less value. Money that doesn’t represent value can lose the chance to do what needs doing. It can lose the ability to hold value over time, or to be useful in exchanges for goods and services. Overprinting is bad for the strength of the dollar. Yesterday, I heard someone claim that as long as every nation devalues their currency at the same rate, no one nation’s currency will fall relative to others and therefore there won’t be runaway inflation that destroys nations. But money that doesn’t represent value can’t be traded for value. It becomes underpowered or even powerless.

Today’s inflation is severely understated. It impoverishes the least powerful. Ordinary people don’t have access to unlimited capital and many are deeply indebted. They can’t take on even more debt.

We all once enjoyed better opportunities that were more stable under sounder banking policies. A full or a partial gold standard limited money printing. Banks hated it and governments hated it because it put a ceiling over their ambitions to grow endlessly. But it worked better for society, even though the economy recognized scarcity. Scarcity made people wish for more, but more money with scarce reality doesn’t satisfy in terms of solving the problems of scarcity. More money is just more noise in the system and it makes social problems harder to solve.

Today’s monopolies limit supply and fix prices and that can resemble a scarcity based price under a real world limited supply. Controlling prices to make them higher is what monopolies can accomplish even when something people want isn’t really scarce. Every extra dollar that is paid to a monopolist’s fixed higher price is money that can’t be used to develop something new. Those higher prices also make people poorer than they would be in a more natural market situation. Monopolies limit competition of rivals that might bring on a cheaper price. They slow change and slow improvements.

All that the great reset is creating is a morass of endless failed companies and failed projects.

I’m ready to shove the whole great reset agenda into the trash where it belongs from social media, to fake news, to fake votes, to fake medicine and fake food. Inflation is eating up our economy for a media hyped epidemic that some are trying to prolong. It’s not right.

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