Is there an exit in fantasy world?

We Americans all live in a world where:

Fake news vies for attention with reality and we can’t always tell the difference.

Monopolies have increased the prices for healthcare and control its availability.

Universities have become unaffordable and impractical.

Jobs require on-line access and on-line job sites aren’t trustworthy.

Joblessness can strike any family or individual at any time.

Healthcare pundits are unreliable for news about healthcare topics which are politicized.

Realty prices aren’t affordable.

Realty prices aren’t market based for families.

Realty prices have been inflated by investors fleeing instability they have caused in a variety of financial markets.

The value of the dollar is falling.

Voting isn’t a reliable process in elections.

Property taxes are going up and up because of investors raising the price of real estate.

Cars aren’t affordable or reliable.

Modern liberal social programs serve corporations rather than the people they were designed to serve (for example by elevating the cost of healthcare through government subsidies).

Many people are looking for an exit. Where can Americans turn to escape these absurdities? Elections have failed us. The internet has failed us. Families are in trouble.

Ideas that have failed us:

A civil penalty instead of a criminal penalty against a corporation that has harmed the public will prevent future harms caused by that corporation.

A two income household will have greater security when women join the workforce.

American politicians care about America.

Children will be ok in the public school system which will teach them what they need to succeed in America.

Churches aren’t important anymore in a science based technologically driven society.

Evil isn’t part of the modern world.

The U.S. is a meritocracy.

The U.S. is solvent and politicians work towards securing and maintaining monetary stablility.

There’s plenty of time to have a stable household where everything gets done when it needs to when both members of a couple work full time.

Politics is just another profession where people work for the common good.

You can leave politics to the politicians and they will take care of America.

A busy lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle.

Success is affordable.

Robots are affordable without tax subsidies and they can replace people.

You can make a living with a blog on the internet because anyone can find you using a search engine.

Suggestions to exit fantasy world:

Stop relying on the internet for information.

Educate your children about propaganda.

Teach your kids about American history.

Learn about politics and economics.

Mainstream media isn’t serving you by providing reliable information, so do your own research.

Realize that social media isn’t working for social coherency and stability.

Meet your neighbors, and have a conversation.

No one is going to save you; you and your neighbors have to save yourself and our community.

Realize that electronic voting can be manipulated outside the wishes of the voting public.

Realize that Congress isn’t working in your interests and hasn’t behaved as though they are accountable to voters.

Ask others you know what they think that we can do to improve our nation.

With information warfare, biowarfare and cyberwarfare on the American scene, get ready for tougher and transformative times.

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