You can identify a great reset propagandist in one easy step.

When Karl Marx promoted communism, he would pretend that it was inevitable. He would pretend that he had perfect knowledge and that he knew that it was a process that couldn’t be stopped. And of course, he was wrong about the unstoppable process of communism. As time has passed, it has become ever clearer that communism is a way to destroy nations and it will do that inevitably wherever it is tried.

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We see a similar attempt by propagandists for the great reset. These propagandists often seem fearful of an inevitable world takeover. They dolefully describe how your world is being destroyed by powerful forces behind the scenes. This reminds me a little of critical theory in support of socialism.

You can still find critical theory books that support socialism. Critical theory diatribes were used to promote socialism and they seem so very logical right up until the conclusion. The critical theory arguments don’t actually prove that socialism would work. In fact they prove the opposite. But the critical theorist would conclude after all that reasonable argument that socialism would work after all. They would fly that conclusion like a proud flag. The critical theorists showed us that logic could be used in an argument and then ignored. Critical theory was a fake effort at providing proof.

Don’t believe the great reset nonsense. Machiavelli, who lived a long time ago, knew that a king invading a nation couldn’t change people’s minds by using force. He can oppress them for a while but he can’t make them accept something that they don’t believe in.

Whatever people claim to know with regard to powerful and destructive technologies to take over your mind and body, don’t believe them. It appears to be mostly just fiction. There’s no evidence to prove it. It is propaganda.

Remember that whatever inevitable force is claimed, you should say “show me.” And meanwhile, keep track of lies and remember that they are propaganda. There is no inevitable force held by any governing power that can change your mind along with everyone else’s mind. People who claim this are liars.

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