PCR false positives are a false rationale for pandemic powers.

The Supreme Court has been ruling based on ever narrower arguments as a matter of record during the neoliberal era, the era of the present-day. Its permissive ruling allowing employers to require a covid shot is much too narrow to be valid.

In the case of pandemic rulings, the Supremes are pretending that PCR testing is accurate instead of addressing the commonplace high rate of false positive PCR tests. By doing this, the Supremes are pretending that a lot of people have died from covid who have actually died of something else. They are pretending that the covid emergency is continuing. But the emergency is over and based on the death rate, there wasn’t a real emergency. Emergency powers that go into effect under pandemic conditions stop when the death rate falls below a higher than average death rate for typical flu. Covid never had a high death rate over all age groups.

When the Supremes rule that employers can mandate covid vaccines which are approved for emergency use only, and we aren’t in a state of emergency, the Supremes are hiding behind their law education and pretending to be too stupid to know what emergency use authorization is based on. But they must know because any reasonable judge would have to know the requirements for emergency powers and a pandemic in order to make a ruling on mandates. Additionally, mandating an experimental emergency use only shot, one given without animal studies and without full disclosure because risks are unknown is already an absurd proposition.

Pretending is a black mark against the Court’s ruling history. In the future, this Supreme Court will be known as the court that failed. Certainly they won’t be known as a Court of educated judges who paid attention to truthful argument or to pandemic rules which require epidemics to have a higher than normal death rate. The Supremes have abandoned their legal responsibility.

The Court is permitting an unnecessary mandate for an untested vaccine as a requirement of employment. Covid vaccines have already killed thousands of people. Shame on the court. The Court is also allowing emergency powers to continue beyond the need for them. Shame on the Court.

I spoke with a woman yesterday who told me she just lost her best friend to covid. I wonder if her friend who died got a false positive result from a PCR test. Isn’t it sad that the highest court denies us all a truthful context for that woman’s death?

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