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This week was amazing. On TheLastAmericanVagabond.com I saw video about Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum’s sponsorship of the Forum of Young Global Leaders. According to Schwab, these young people have been groomed to fit in with globalist goals and now they reside in key positions in governments around the world. According to Schwab, they all support “the great reset.” I looked at their pictures and thought what handsome and successful people! And yet can it be true that they all support subverting constitutional governments where they serve in nation states around the world in order to push forward a globalist agenda? I’ve been wondering about the coordinated covid lockdowns. If these Forum of Young Global Leaders support “the great reset” are they the people we can hold responsible in part for damage to the world’s economies and perhaps for deaths associated with a lab grown virus and m-rna shot side effects and deaths? I would have to begin by asking them. Would they be proud of their association with “the great reset,” or would they say instead that rumors of their support for it have been exagerrated? Recently, when I imagined that truth would come to dinner, I said that eventually we would know the who-what-where-when-why-how of current events. I was amazed to find a source claiming that the “who” can be found among the Forum of Young Global Leaders. I wonder if that’s true.

On GlobalCovidSummit.org, I heard about a doctor-organized protest at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington at the end of January. The number of attendees who weren’t doctors have been said in various sources to range from 25,000 to 50,000 people. A lot of people went to hear the doctors speak. Doctors were especially strong in their opposition to using an m-rna shot on kids. They also were concerned about side effects not just to people particularly sensitive immediately to the rna shot but also over a longer period. In many sources now, I hear about side effects including fulmonating cancers, cardiovascular system damage and neurological damage from the mrna transcript as well as damage due to the micelle delivery system of those shots and also their preservatives. It appears to be more evident over time that the mrna shot technology was never a successful one because it has no benefit and many harms. As I continue to hope that people who trusted the medical system and took the shot will eventually recover because the shot’s encoded genetic changes may diminish over time (if no booster shots) and not be permanent, I keep hearing that death from all causes is increasing. It seems likely that the covid vaccines are bad and that they should be stopped. People who are experiencing harms should be listened to with compassion at the very least. The doctors who spoke at the rally said that the covid emergency should now be over and that the emergency powers assumed by governments around the world no longer have a basis to continue.

In Canada, there’s a giant trucker protest that is a miles long convoy. Truckers assembled because of the requirement that all truckers get the covid mrna experimental shot. All around the world, people are protesting a continued state of emergency. In our hearts we know that many have suffered unnecessarily because the virus shouldn’t have been grown in a lab in the first place. Yet the many experimental laboratories studying weaponization of virus continue to operate. They should be closed down. Gain of function research should stop everywhere.

On the ChildrensHealthDefense.org site, I read that a number of private big tech partnerships in cooperation with our federal and state governments have been working on developing a “U.S. Vaccine Passport System.” Multiple government agencies have been involved despite reassurances from both the Biden Administration and the CDC that there is no such effort underway at this time. The article I read is written by Michael Nevradakis, Ph.D., “U.S. Developing Vaccine Passport System Using Complex Web of Big Tech Partnerships”, from January 27, 2022. According to him the real goal all along is to control all people in every way while ignoring natural rights to privacy, freedom of movement, freedom of association and other freedoms, while establishing a social credit system.

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These sources show that people are in motion. They aren’t complacent and doing nothing. They are looking over at the Forum of Young Global Leaders, and they are looking at the Biden Administration and many state administrations and they are looking at other governments around the world and they are seeking answers to questions about recent events and policies that directly have affected their welfare. We are moving from not knowing to knowing more and more. Who is responsible? What and how has it happened in the way that it is happening? What actions should be taken now to rectify harms being done to so many? How can we prevent similar malfeasance in the future? How can we recover and do better in the future? Marvin Gaye’s song was written during another time of upheaval. In “What’s Going On,” he called for more understanding. I hope we are getting to that greater understanding.

ADDENDUM: According to https://www.theburningplatform.com/2022/01/22/will-these-people-be-charged-with-genocide/, an article of the title listed in the address, at The Burning Platform, said that 16 people connected with the covid restriction rollout and mrna vaccines have been named in a legal filing to defend people in the UK who have been or will be harmed. A 46 page legal filing made to the International Criminal Court on Dec 6, 2021 accused “the dirty 16,” of crimes against humanity and war crimes. The filing claims that mrna vaccines are a strategy to reduce global populations by causing early deaths in people who have received the mrna shots. One of the authors is Dr. Michael Yeadon who was once the VP of Pfizer. He has been speaking against mass m-rna vaccination for some time. Of course the ICC doesn’t have a jail or police to arrest the 16 accused and relies upon nation states to do an arrest. That means that the filing is somewhat symbolic rather than an accusation that will lead to a certain court appearance. Nevertheless, it is concerning that the Nuremburg Code and the Rome Statute are cited in the complaint and that if these 16 people are found guilty of crimes against humanity they will be among the world’s most serious criminals in history.

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