Vax labor blockade.

People don’t want to get an experimental genetic treatment as a condition of employment.

Many sources monitoring the result of vaccination in the people who received at least one shot list more than a million adverse events, thousands of permanent disabilities and thousands of deaths due to the covid vax already.

Even the mechanisms of harm are now known. They have been published and you can find them in journals and online.

Over the long term, many people now dread the ultimate death toll of the covid vax.

Since the covid vax is ineffective at preventing covid infection and many sources now say that it increases the risk of early death for many reasons, there’s no health reason to get vaxed.

The covid vax, much like covid restrictions before it is a labor blockade that serves no purpose. It is banning prudent people from working. It is showing us who the bad guys are.

It is and has been all along a crime against humanity.

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