Deregulation is leading now to totalitarianism.

Remember when people said that deregulation was a good thing? Deregulating the financial industry, for example, was expected to bring about greater efficiencies that would lead to a more profitable financial system. That’s not what has happened.

While people in finance have been able to grow their capital after deregulation, the reason their capital is growing is that they are externalizing capital losses onto the public. Harms to the public aren’t remedied by charging the people who caused them or by letting them go out of business. After the gobal recession of 2008, banks that broke the law weren’t prosecuted. Restrictions that once benefitted the public were removed with the negation of Glass Steagall and the beginning of the Big Bang (London’s opening of global capital flows).

Now huge bubbles have been inflated in the stock market, in real estate and in many other areas of our economy. Directed inflation through the externalized costs of high frequency trading has increased costs piled onto ordinary people, until people are unprotected as financial fraud overwhelms gains and losses continue to accrue onto the public. Monopolies have also increased costs. Malinvestments have led to disasters piled onto disasters as growth in low cost loans has led to reckless investing and huge amounts of debt.

Further monetary policy malfeasance from the Federal Reserve is leading to another form of inflation as the value of the dollar is falling because of overprinting. Also, as the dollar loses global reserve status and the petrodollar fails to be supported by oil trading because other nations are trading oil in their own currencies, the floating dollars in the global economy will come back to the U.S.; this will further crash the dollar’s value.

All of this scenario has been practiced over historical time multiple times and leads to this same result: the grand heist of people’s savings and assets and the failure of the monetary system. Bank robbers extraordinaire embedded in government and finance are planning to take everything for themselves. With new social media tools at the disposal of technocrats, it appears that these criminals are planning on getting away with stealing it all.

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Covid controls are another strategy that was used in the historical past by the Medicis: Plague Laws. Plague Laws can be used just like Covid Restrictions to muzzle resistance to a new criminal syndicate taking over civil governance. It’s all a part of an old play book for total power.

After the 20th century’s giant world wars, a further screw was added to the giant leverage axis of power players and that was totalitarinism using communication by propaganda and school indoctrination. Social media just strengthens this propaganda technique. Deregulation of communication plays into this just like deregulated finance plays into monetary malfeasance.

Deregulation of transportation and energy and reregulation under the Green New Deal furthers a total control agenda. Increasing energy costs are meant to hobble the public and further oppress them in their everyday lives.

Don’t doubt it: deregulation has been harmful. Already you can see people walking around with a sense of hopelessness. Retired people going to the grocery store have less and less money to use to buy what they need. What will happen to them as this giant undermining of assets and money continues? Their grocery store basket keeps shrinking. How will they pay their food and energy costs?

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