Memes promise and then persuade.

According to The Lucifer Principle, by Howard Bloom, memes act on the world because they are ideas that persuade people. Memes promise something grand that a lot of people want. Then they act as a uniting force in the context of a specific worldview created by the meme among believers. The meme promises tremendous gains. Even if the meme’s promises can’t be realized, the meme can be successful if it is appealing to enough people…if it can unite them in a common purpose. If you put a meme behind a con, you get a more effective way to con people. Isn’t that what we are seeing today?

I try to keep up with our political and economic changes. Some of these changes are supported by memes that stand behind cons and become part of crimes committed against most Americans. Election fraud in 2020, for example, involved memes of inclusiveness while excluding legal votes and substituting fake ones. Covid guidance promised protection but sold injections that have caused harm instead.

Since 2008, I see a criminal element behind political and economic change in America that is obviously outside the intent of American law’s public protection role. A common strategy in today’s con is to change the law and then implement a different new law that undermines the protections offered under the old law.

We saw that with recent changes in election law and with new covid rules. Closing down small business in America under covid restrictions was only possible by redefining “pandemic” from a serious life threatening disease to any disease that crosses international borders even if it couldn’t make most people sick. It isn’t helpful to define a pandemic in this way and we can see that doing that didn’t serve public health.

Before 2020, healthy people weren’t quarantined during respiratory epidemics. Before 2020, businesses weren’t closed when a flu came. People weren’t sorted into groups of essential vs. non-essential. Public service announcements during the covid scare didn’t serve the public’s interest. Instead the radio, television and internet broadcasts threatened people. Broadcasts threatened that they endagered themselves and others if they didn’t comply with various policies that were later shown to be ill founded. And employers threatened people with job loss if they didn’t get an experimental injection. That injection had significant risks. Some people refused the injection and lost their job. Some got an rna injection and died or became disabled. None of that has been good for the U.S. overall but it did increase market share among some on-line businesses while destroying many independent restaurants and small businesses. It increased misery. It made money for pharmaceutical companies.

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There was a meme that arose during modern liberalism that said that governmental interference with the economy by promoting some businesses was good economics. That interference is called interventionism. Interventionism has intensified and become more violent under neoliberalism. Interventionism is a meme that empowers people in government to pick winners and losers in the economy. Interventionism supports covid restrictions in order to move the U.S. into a new business climate. I’m reading about new strategies where people work from home and take experimental genetic treatments and eat new GMO foods produced in giant greenhouses and laboratory grown meats. None of this was approved by voters. But it is expected to make money for some investors. It is supported by government. It isn’t good economics but instead redistributes opportunities among favored groups.

Interventionism is a meme that justifies interference in the economy. That’s why what succeeded in the previous economy is under attack. Out with the old, in with the new. Your brain is being assaulted by meme after meme that seems to justify the new politic without voters and the new economy without choice. Please look at those memes carefully. You don’t have to believe them.

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