What you can do.

During psychological operations with media that is meant to confuse instead of inform, turn that bad media off. Don’t let them make you feel like the world has lost its mind. Instead, it’s helpful to concentrate on doing what needs doing instead of trying to figure things out.

At this point, my opinions are based on information that I trust. I used my education in biology to understand what happened during the covid scare. I used my education in fine arts to understand that I can’t really trust media evidence because of deep fakes. I did a lot of reading and then I wrote a book that helped me to understand politics and economics better. It’s for sale at Amazon: Political Catsup with Economy Fries. Buy one if you want to know more about how the U.S. got where we are right now.

I have looked for confirmation for each opinion as I came to form it. I even bought books about social media to understand something about its influence. Instead of feeling constantly uneasy about politics and economics which look like a mess right now, I’m concentrating on hard work that I can do to improve my life. When so much doesn’t make sense to form a narrative that would offer hope that things are getting better and not getting worse, you can do what I did: take hold of your agency and make your own life better. Be kind to yourself and others. Remember to appreciate your life.

I have a garden and enjoy fresh produce. I’m redoing the front landscaping. I cook great meals. I’m reading about history in the world because history can offer glimpses that illuminate today’s issues and problems. I have mostly stopped guessing what will happen next and I work everyday to make my life better by putting effort into making it better. I live in an ordered environment that is clean and organized. That is a blessing. I am grateful to have that.

Have courage. Courage is part of meeting the challenges that we face. When you use your strength physically, you sleep better. No doubt about it.

Say a prayer for the people who suffer and be strong as you face tomorrow.


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