Stability and prosperity are possible with the right tools.

Have you ever built a dry stack wall? First of all you need to grade the landscape and use some gravel that is leveled where your blocks are going to go. You have to buy good blocks that have been manufactured to last, that are consistent in shape and size and that are of a shape useful in wall building. In order to get a stable wall made from your blocks, you need tools to help you to achieve the three blessings that every wall needs: plumb, square and level. You need the tools to help you check that you are plumb square and level. If your wall isn’t plumb square and level your wall will look bad and it might fall down.

Likewise, in building a stable society you need good tools too. Society has a politic and economy. In order to get a stable society, you need three things: good laws, stable banking and infrequent warfare. To have good laws a society follows rule of law guidelines. That is, the law should apply to everyone, be easy for people to understand and be published and consistent. Banking must be regulated so that money maintains its value so that it can act as a store of value. Money serves many functions but if it fails to maintain value or if banks become insolvent, money can’t support exchanges in a well functioning economy. Warfare has been necessary over history at times but those times should be infrequent. Warfare is expensive: it uses up lives and money. Constant warfare can lead to disastrous taxation and tyranny.

Lastly, governments are supposed to regulate the politic with just laws that protect private property so that people have an incentive to work. Markets, that is the mutually beneficial exchage of goods and services, can combine the efforts of many people to assemble a good economy. Prosperity happens when gains are protected so that people can build on their gains. Most people gradually improve when they are allowed to work for their own prosperity. When governments interfere with markets, government becomes corrupt, markets fail to prosper and people can’t build on their gains to create a better future.

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