Tennessee shooting shows Trans treatments can lead to tragedy.

Let’s start this discussion by briefly considering our educational system.

In the 19th century, Prussia introduced the world to a new education system. It was thought to be better than the old education system which had been somewhat optional, less structured and less performance based. Prussia wanted an education system to regiment good workers, good citizens, and a stronger more skilled society ready for the industrialization of Prussia and the wider world.

Today’s neoliberal education system retains performance testing, and mandatory attendance but also uses computers to evaluate and measure performance in new ways. Learning plasticity is a well known feature of young minds. Children have an appetite to learn what they are interested in and their interests can be expanded by exposing them to new information and engaging them in problem solving. They also are in need of personalized guidance to help them to reach their innate potentials.

What worries me about today’s education system is the goal of neoliberal educators to redesign children into whatever someone imagines that society needs. The idea that children are a blank slate ready to be formed into anything is a persistent one that comes from the past.

This notion comes from John Locke’s tabula rasa. It contradicts the idea of innatism, where people are thought have inborn knowledge that comes without training. Genetics studies of identical twins shows that even when they are brought up in different environments, identical twins share a lot of similarity as adults. They share so many traits that it must be true that our genes strongly effect our aptitudes and choices.

After the panic that was generated from 2019-2023 over C-19, when children were required to wear masks and many stayed home for an extended period, children have shown increased stress and mental illness.

Children have also recently been exposed to radical philosophies about human sexuality and the political push to change the sex of children to be different from their biology. Children have also been required to be obedient to mask wearing and other radical indoctrinations.

Even many universities have a mission these days to indoctrinate instead of educate. Debate was once an accepted part of the learning dialogue, so I’m sorry to see indocrination taking the place of open discussions.

Children are becoming suspicious of adults. They aren’t friendly towards people they pass on the street. They look worried. I’m worried that they are being harmed by troublesome political ideologies that go against what is most human about us: our curiosity, our search for fun, the investigation of life for something new to learn about, the ability to change our mind as we learn more or meet someone who sees the world differently.

I hope that all teachers and parents and superintendents will remember that each child is unique and special and each has a chance to make choices that can allow them to achieve what some others may not be able to do. Please don’t try to reshape people for an imaginary world where reality is optional. Reality is still as real as it ever was.

Let children grow up to be whatever they are meant to become because of who they are born to be. Open up their opportunities to learn, but let them find their own way. Don’t try to force them into becoming something or someone that they aren’t innately suited to be.

When I consider the Tennessee shooting that happened recently involving a 28 year old trans-person, I imagine that tragedy and violence broke out because the shooter was medicated outside the envelope of what nature intended. In previous shootings, the prevalence of phycho-active drugs was a recurrent feature. In this case, how many drugs were involved that made this shooter an unstable and violent person?

If you are an adult Trans person I think you can try to be whatever you want to try to be. But leave sexually immature children alone. Treatments on children to alter sexuality should stop immediately. Some states have already drafted laws to make trans treatments of children illegal. Because trans treatments are harmful. Indoctrinating children to believe that they can change their sex is a lie. Changing a person’s sex isn’t possible and creates suffering.

I know that some doctors have been making money on trans-treatments even though some people who undergo trans treatment eventually experience regrets about doing that. Even when parents and their children choose childhood trans treatment, I don’t think they should be able get it. Childhood is a time of self-discovery. Children can be vulnerable when they explore. Irreversible gender damage during childhood should be avoided and made illegal.

I also think that trans athletes that are born male don’t belong in women’s sports where they have a biological advantage. Many others see these trans participants as cheaters that win a prize they don’t deserve.

There are monumental attemps at creating trouble in our political discourse and chaos in general (here I remember Chaos and Control from Get Smart). The trans movement seems to be disruptive for the purpose of creating chaos. In my whole life, I’ve only met two trans persons.

The whole trans movement seems to fulfill the purpose of creating a distraction to hide crimes being committed by a criminal elite. These elite operatives aren’t being prosecuted for a variety of crimes since at least 2007. Recent crimes include: bank fraud (SVB, FTX), probable money laundering in the Ukraine, illegal arrests and failure to adjudicate arrestees from Jan 6th, illegal prosecution against Donald Trump, treason, and widespread corruption. This breakdown in the rule of law bodes ill for our nation.

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