Who is standing behind the curtain?

The 2020 election had a lot of evidence including eye-witness testimony that showed voting fraud. After the fake vote installed fake results, electronics investigators discovered widespread electronic voting machine fraud in addition to other kinds of fraud. The 2020 election was a fake one. Our department of justice refused to hear evidence of fraud in court. Many distractions have been fomented since then to keep people from stopping the growth and advance of tyranny. Tyranny has marched on from there. It is still marching forward today.

I just finished reading an article on Blacklistednews.com: EXECUTIVE ORDER LAYS FOUNDATION FOR LAB-CREATED FOODS (https://www.blacklistednews.com/article /84448/executive-order-lays-foundation-for-labcreated.html). CHD.TV is where the video that accompanies the article comes from. It warns us about what is happening in our food system. It instructs people to grow their own food.

This is only one example of tyranny moving forward. New investment in fake food isn’t supported by a voting public. The public wouldn’t choose this. The vote has been gotten around. In no other period of history has a U.S. President had power to undermine the natural food supply. Biden is doing this without the public’s support and his efforts stretch beyond the powers allotted to the executive branch. Of course you can easily see why the public didn’t elect him and never would have.

The eforts of the WHO and the WEF to exert greater control on international policy and dialogue shows that powerful people around the world want to exert their power without any vote from the public. When the United States circumnavigated the voting public through misuse of electronic voting machines, that enormous power was an attractive lure to bring other people into the ring of those few people who exert power and yet are not held accountable by any governance system whatsoever. So we have collusion to control and manipulate politics around the world.

Who is standing behind the curtain? And while that secret cabal pursues mischief against most people who now have perhaps no say in these plans laid by elite criminals, is it destruction or salvation that they are after? And how many goals are competing back there in the secret halls of manufacturing a new world system? Whose interests come first? What evil or what good may come of it?

One thing for sure is that there’s no safety net. There’s no space there for a greater wisdom to work beyond the intention of those greedy for power. Getting outside the power of consent bodes ill for us all. Will any of us survive this unrestrained power?

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