96,307,762,243,443: Total debt in the United States and counting.

This enormous number grows all the time because there are no stops or limitations on government debt and spending. People are crying about how we need to be raising the debt ceiling still higher. They say unless you give them unlimited cachet to spend, spend, spend, they will stop helping you with government programs. But these programs aren’t helping.

I’ve been looking at the debt clock for the last decade. It’s spinning much faster now because more people have their hand in the till. They will spin that debt counter until the debt is completely unsupportable. Until the dollar is no more.

This growing debt threatens each person’s ability to accumulate wealth for old age. People may not be able to raise children or to accomplish anything in their life if the currency system collapses. A failed currency system could undermine people’s autonomy. Dollar over-printing is creating inflation that eats the saved wealth that was put aside and intended to maintain the independence of prudent savers.

The people who hold the power of debt over every American will never give up this power. It isn’t legal to undermine our currency in this way but corruption has carefully advanced in order to get past all legal barriers.

More people than before are now worried about currency collapse.

That’s the reason why so many people are now considering how to evade the dollar value of debt through the use of gold (“buy gold,” they say even though gold isn’t a currency but instead is a taxable commodity) or the issuance of a new form of digital currency (“digital currency is the wave of the future”).

Buying gold or investing in digital currency is a symptom of our financial problems. It shows people’s wish to foil the criminals that are debauching the currency, either to avoid the pilfering and evade at least some of the plundering (gold will always be worth something) or to extend and enlarge the pilfering and plundering (with federal reserve digital currency).

Money that doesn’t represent value, however, can’t be a store of value. Money that is over-printed past the value of an economy can’t work to help people to organize a market economy for trade.

That endless over-spending is also driving the Biden Administration’s war in the Ukraine–as a way to launder money, use money off the books, kill people as a measure of power. With no limits on debt, depravity occupies the whole field of politics and politics becomes a feast on the fortunes of others.

The hunger to eat everyone else’s breakfast lunch and dinner is growing into food control aspirations that may lead us towards many people’s starvation. It’s another power grab.

I wonder if the Ohio train derailment that has poisoned the Ohio River Valley is all part of a larger effort to undermine American agriculture. It would be a further extension of accelerationist policy where the government picks losers to destroy and winners to raise up. Poisoning agriculture in order to introduce a new agricultural paradigm would be a market manipulation seemingly without consequences for the perpetrators.

The desire to do retina scans or put chips under people’s skin in order to control their activities and limit them is another power grab. A health passport is also all about power and not about health. It comes from a desire to undermine human agency. Because human agency can see through these power grabs. Human agency would put an end to this profligacy.

Because most of us know that people require limits in order to thrive.

A limited government is promised by the American Constitution. It is a strategy that avoids the problems and portents of destruction that we see around us today.

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