Social distancing a worthy strategy to reduce viral transmission.

President Trump spoke to America at a press briefing on St. Patrick’s Day. He asked a variety of experts in health, economics and government to speak. The most important strategy to prevent transmission is social distancing. With social distancing, people are asked to stay home as much as they can and to avoid groups of people larger than 10. The idea behind social distancing is to slow down the rate of transmission so that our hospitals can cope with people who need medical help to defeat the virus and survive it. Social distancing may also reduce the number of people who become infected, especially among the elderly. Dr. Debbie Birx specifically adressed the importance of social distancing.
In support of enhancing survival, mobile hospitals may be deployed and the Army Corp of Engineers may remodel some buildings to provide more care areas. Peter Navarro and others in Congress are considering fund grants or loans for increasing phamaceutical production here in the U.S. in support of enhancing supplies of products that have formerly been manufactured abroad. This will provide more pharmaceutical security to those that depend upon medicines that may be less available from foreign sources.
Steve Mnuchin talked about funds that may be available to people who can’t work because, for example, restaurants and bars have closed. He suggested that a government check to provide some living expenses to people who can’t work may be made available to people in need. This is to speed up providing a tax relief aid instead of reducing payroll taxes or having a tax rebate which would take longer to become available cash.
President Trump said in response to a reporter’s question about how to support cases of severe pneumonia that the nation’s manufacturers may be ramping up production of machines that support respiration for people with pneumonia. He also said that some grocery stores are trying to have designated time periods where only the elderly shop to avoid exposing elderly people who need groceries to younger people who may inadvertently transmit the novel coronavirus. President Trump mentioned that both political parties want to support policies that enhance the survival of Americans as we all face the novel coronavirus this year. It is hoped that August may see a lessening of viral threat, but it remains to be seen what will happen. Encouraging loved ones, mobilizing resources to where they are needed, avoiding unnecessary contacts and helping where help is needed will see Americans through.
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