The U.S. is expanding its avenues of treatment to save lives.

President Trump today briefed the press. He said that chloroquine would be available to fight acute infections with the novel coronavirus. Chloroquine has been found to be effective in Australia and South Korea according to anecdotal stories about coronavirus. He also said that Gilead’s remdesivir may be used for compassionate intervention to save the life of any person who might otherwise die of acute infection. Remdesivir was developed to fight ebola virus and it has some effectiveness as an antiviral for use in coronavirus infections. In anecdotes from abroad, remdesivir has been described as a drug that has initiated a quick turnaround of acute pneumonia and high fever. It seems to allow the body to fight the virus by holding back viral amplification and attack of the body’s systems giving the body’s defenses a chance to win out against an otherwise faster attack.

President Trump looked weary as he addressed the press corp and he commented that they were all sitting too close together and endangering each other. After all the meetings he’s attended, he deserves a good meal and a long nap. Likewise, the press corp deserves a rest from all of the hullabaloo. From empty toilet paper shelves to kids staying home from school, everyone has been stirred up by the virus pandemic. Taking a rest from it is essential from time to time.

No one knows the future. As we face uncertainties, it was encouraging to hear progress against the novel coronavirus in the drug treatment arena. Nations are collaborating on beating back this deadly foe. They are sharing their insights to help all of humanity. Let’s hope for more progress as we continue to implement social distancing, testing when symptoms appear, quarantine and isolation as necessary. Remember that if you feel overwhelmed by the fear of this new virus you can pause and take a breath, take a few minutes to drink a glass of water, or go for a walk. We are moving towards better days eventually as we endure today’s upheavals and uncertainties.

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