Redemption or condemnation…

Fake news can resemble real news for a short time. But then it gives itself away as untrue in the flow of reality that always follows. I noticed that Sidney Powell put a lot of authentic documents up on-line during the long holiday weekend. As the days pass those documents that are evidence of fraud in our 2020 election are still ringing true. They aren’t being swept aside as just another fiction the way that fake news gives way to even more fake news. There’s staying power in the real. Real persists and fake fades right out of our memory.

I guess no one can blame voters anymore for bad decisions being made in the legislature or for that matter bad decisions in any elected office. Congress hasn’t been accountable for their bad decisions and we know that because they pretend every day that they just need to generate even more bad laws and bad policies. I have never heard a single Congress member say that a substantial mistake in policy needs to be fixed. For example, none of Congress wants to undo deregulation. Even with its panoply of problems. Voting for legislative packages in the thousands of pages shows all of us that Congress has turned to the dark side or at least turned against good law making. Printing money that will cause inevitable inflation or collapse of the dollar is unsound policy and now we know not to blame ourselves for any part of it.

What about the governors that have closed down American cities and kept them locked down? Why do they believe that voters should continue tolerating this destructive policy? Do they really think that American voters see them in the same light after widespread voting fraud has been revealed?

When our politicians were thought to be elected by voters, they were our own misguided politicians and we gave them the benefit of the doubt. It doesn’t look like they all deserve the benefit of the doubt anymore. Since we can’t tell how many Congress members or others earned their offices through an illegal voting process, the whole lot of them are accountable in a more personal way for their bad decisions than they ever were under a fully legal voting system. If a Congress member got into their office and held onto it with fake results generated by illegal voting interference, then the voter surely isn’t to blame. All the blame belongs to the cheater.

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A few years ago, a venerable white haired reporter who had covered the news in Washington D.C. for more than thirty years said that Americans fail to see Congress members in their modern role. He thought that Congress was like the most effective group of lobbyists in the nation. He believed that their modern role was to make deals happen by supporting people who also supported them in return. He saw that all kinds of business opportunities got realized through support in Congress. How simple it would be then for Congress to start making deals with foreign interests as well as with American interests. Under globalization, a Congress member could offer their support to anyone in the world who could return the favor with a little extra something for the Congress member. And look at what a shambles acting that way in Congress has made of the United States, if the Biden family rumors are any indication of what really happens in the swamp.

On the 6th of January, when the Congress meets to look over elector slates, I’ve heard that some members are going to reject the democrat voting elector slates from the battleground states that have evidence of fraud. Seven states have submitted two sets of elector slates, knowing that the alternative slate may be called for. That is the job of Congress, to be a backstop that will end an election fraud and support the will of voters. I applaud the smart Congress members who will fight for free elections that are fair. It’s the only way that Congress can get the benefit of the doubt in our American politics of the future. Whatever the advantages of cheating in secret, those advantages ended when the secret of cheating became widespread public knowledge.

Human beings have an evolutionary history and a political history and they don’t cooperate forever with tyranny. Trust is a valuable thing in our society and losing it can be a really bad outcome for our nation. So I hope that Congress decides to board the Redemption Train that’s pulling into the station on January 6th. Last chance, all aboard!

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