Circumventing voters shows how little is on offer to motivate Americans.

For a long time now, Americans have experienced life at a stand still. IT has been reorganizing how banking is done, how people find work, how people get their information. But what does IT offer people that engages their best potential? What does IT give Americans that enables them to achieve, to grow, to excel, to make progress in their own lives? While the economy has been reorganized by IT, opportunity has been shrinking not growing, the middle class has been going away, and many don’t know how to get ahead in this IT run world where no one is accountable to Americans for the declines that they are facing in income and political power. Somehow, computer algorithms have short circuited the accountability of people who are running those algorithms and ruining people’s ability to hold politicians and bankers and corporate operators accountable.

If Sidney Powell is right, IT voting machines have now manipulated election results to change the apparent outcome of the 2020 election. I’ve read arguments on-line that suggest that the Democratic party had no other choice but to manipulate the vote because they couldn’t field a worthwhile candidate that would beat President Trump. And this argument went on to say that the necessity of winning made cheating necessary too. I don’t believe that that’s the kind of necessity, the necessity to win that matters in this election.

The necessity that matters in our republic is for a President to be elected through voters that approve of him or her because in a republic voters elect representatives they feel will represent their interests. That’s the necessity that matters more than winning. No one will have any respect for any other kind of “winner.” The violence that is reflected in this 2020 election fraud is likely to spread and although others say that they fear more future election fraud, that’s not what worries me. I worry about a wholesale loss of legitimacy in our politics that would eventually lead to a breakdown of order.

The ancient political world cared about necessity and reciprocity as forces that shape political outcomes. Necessity includes a normal human lifespan and the ordinary goals that engage people’s energy and agency. Reciprocity is about how violence or kindness are paid back eventually in human societies. A good political plan would avoid thwarting people’s ordinary needs and would treat humankind with respect in the interests of maintaining a respectful society. It seems like game theory has entered into the political gambits of today. But game theory seems to neglect these ordinary kinds of care for necessity and reciprocity. Peril follows this neglect.

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I’m waiting to see what will happen on Wednesday. Will Congress remember the importance of legitimacy in our nation’s 2020 election or will they evade legitimacy in favor of a different political option that offers the promise of an entirely different political outcome than the one that would have been determined by a legitimate vote? We will have to wait to see what happens. I hope Congress will embrace legitimacy and avoid peril.

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