Sympathy for the Devil?

Earlier this week, I saw a video that proposed a People’s Court approach to global covid politics. The people in the video want to present evidence they say that they have in abundance to be examined in the People’s Court to prove that malice, foresight and intention is behind the more than 23 thousand dead and over a million injured from mrna vaccines innoculated all around the world, not to mention the economic losses suffered by so many. They also want to recognize that there’s evidence showing that covid-19 was laboratory made and not an accident of nature at all. The People’s Court Proceeding ( opening statements claimed a global conspiracy of a criminal nature suitable for prosecution. The idea behind this publicity oriented proceeding is to examine evidence and charge people who have harmed others with crimes. It appears to be a mock trial that isn’t really bringing charges in a real court of law.

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I am interested to see if anything can come of this approach. One interesting thing to ponder at least is the possibility that recalcitrant politicians who keep extending the state of emergency well after there’s no reason for a state of emergency might be held responsible for committing crimes that have harmed millions. Then if they are convicted of premeditated conspiracy connected crimes, perhaps they can be removed from office. Their stubbornness and their willingness to hurt others might strip them of the very authority that they have been misusing while they insist that they should have even more of it. We can surely say “no” to criminals even when we have found it so difficult to hold our politicians accountable. Can they out-chaos themselves out of felony charges recognized globally? I wonder if anything can come of this approach.

Do you continue to believe that politicians prolonging the covid emergency are just doing their best to help others? According to Jaron Lanier, people consuming online information do so at the mercy of algorithms that actually feed different people different kinds of information (see his book Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now). The differing information people encounter causes higher levels of disagreements between people who have learned from different information sources. A lot of information about masks being ineffective to prevent transmission of respiratory virus has been published; have you seen it? Reports of mask ineffectiveness have not dissuaded politicians and bureaucrats who continue to demand in some places that everyone must wear them and especially that children must. Vaccine harms continue to pile up in data being collected but many politicians have continued despite this evidence to voice their support for these harmful shots that don’t seem to offer any long lasting protections and that do seem to cause serious long-term and short-term harms instead including death. Have you looked at the VAERS data? If you consented to getting a covid experimental shot, are you too afraid now to learn what the consequences have been for those harmed by it? If you still have confidence despite evidence that shows your confidence is misplaced, maybe you should ponder what your confidence is based on. Did you just go along to get along? How far and for how long will you go along with the covid scare? What if what you’ve really got is just sympathy for the Devil?

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