The internet has no actionable information: it’s mostly useless?

Sometimes I find a use for the internet. I can find a recipe for meatloaf, for example, although for certain, I will alter it. Sometimes I find a definition for a legal term, a science term, a word from anthropology or some other specialty jargon. I can find dates for historical events. I can find out about actors in the films I have enjoyed, even some of their quotes to remind me that the roles are fake but the people acting in DVD’s are real. I can find someone’s opinion about something as long as the scope of opinion is small. But there aren’t useful items that will help in a job search unless I sign up for a service in exchange for leaving my data behind. Even when I can verify a job opportunity on-line without leaving behind information, I’ve never had success with a job search using the internet. And many job postings on job sites are outdated. I read an article at Forbes not that long ago that said the internet doesn’t help much with job placement.

There’s nothing to help me to avoid economic disaster if our economic elephant has started to collapse under the weight of economic mismanagement. That would be a system-wide collapse and there’s not a way for an individual to stop the collapse of a complex system like the economy. There’s also nothing to help me to get around an algorithm that would disqualify me for a job I want. There’s not any help for the high cost of cars, tuition, hospital care or houses. Is this partly because of the “everything on the internet is free access” model? Maybe. It’s harder for creative people to get paid when so much is offered without charging for it.

Lately, I can find alternative media information but it often amounts to commentary regarding disasters unfolding everywhere around us. There isn’t really a way listed on the internet that tells us how to get around the various problems that beset Americans these days. Many dooms are foretold. There are stories about how the stock market will soon collapse. There are stories about computers invading people’s bodies achieved by inserting or applying a monitoring device that will destroy the privacy we enjoy inside our skin and organs. There are stories about global conspiracies to overthrow nation states while banks take over the world. None of this information helps me to conceive of a better strategy for my day to day. So after all that useless time on the internet I’ve turned to history: Roman history. I’ve been reading about Rome in the time of Julius Caesar and Jesus Christ. That was a time of shock and upheaval like today is. Like a good soldier, I’m marching through two sources of information:

The Story of Civilization: 3, Caesar and Christ: A History of Roman Civilization and of Christianity from their beginnings to A.D. 325 by Will Durant, MJF Books, NY, copyright 1944.

The Historical Jesus: The Life of a Mediterranean Jewish Peasant, the first comprehensive determination of who Jesus was, what he did, what he said, by John Dominic Crossan, Harper San Francisco, 1992.

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From Durant, I’m learning that in the throes of Republican collapse into Empire, many people fought to achieve a better political solution by killing their political enemies. Battles were waged. They failed to change the ongoing course that was already underway. No matter how determined or how willing to gamble or to organize the like-minded, once Rome had abandoned its Republican traditions and become seduced by the luxuries that came about from Roman invasions and conquests, there just wasn’t any going back to the more sensible and less luxurious life of the past. Rome harmed many surrounding communities and individuals. Rome had changed from an agrarian society at peace to one at war. As it changed, it became entrenched in corruptions that led to further collapse and further change. It kind of makes me wonder if politics might be more irreversible than I had imagined. Going forward may be the only way, never backward. To change for the better, you have to lure people in politics back toward better solutions. That is hard to do once the politically inclined have become entrenched in the advantages that they are already enjoying. Having already gamed the system to suit their own appetites in Rome there was no reason for them to go back.

From Crossan, I’m learning about Roman ways of thinking. Yesterday, I learned about the patron system, Cynics and Stoics, the life habits and expectations of peasants, the class system. Today, I read about how simple people in small communities usually respond when they believe themselves to be surrounded by evils when they believe that their civilization isn’t going to save them. Some want to avoid evil by changing people’s habits from bad ones to better ones. Some want instead to learn something new and transformative that will provide new momentum to live better. Some wish for a magical or spiritual insight that will be different for each person but transformative for everyone. Some want to retreat from the world. Some want to “reconstruct” the world and transform it that way by changing what it is. Some want God to transform the world and others want everyone to transform it together. I guess at some point people come to the idea that when the world isn’t working the way that they want it to, then it’s up to them with God’s help to change it into a world that works better for everyone. With or without help from the internet.

With so much information in disagreement with other information on the internet, it has become a big waste of time to use the internet as an instrument of discovery. I can glean something but there’s no quick way to sift it all. Nevertheless, I should admit that it does help sometimes to get access to other points of view than the curated ones in mainstream media. The internet won’t help me to find work or a solution to economic and political disruption on its way to destruction. But it can offer insights. Maybe some of them help me to avoid doing the wrong thing even if those insights don’t help me to know what to do that will help to improve a scary future.

ADDENDUM: I spent this morning at a video presentation at where Dr. Ryan Cole and Dr. Robert Malone spoke about what they understand with all their training and expertise with regard to covid and experimental gene covid vaccinations/injections. I appreciate their personal commitment to bringing forward information that the public needs which hasn’t been provided by the CDC. The CDC has been recently characterized by the New York Times as a politically motivated government agency. The CDC has declared that they are withholding information from both health professionals and from the public with regard to adverse events subsequent to covid vaccinations. They do this because information about harms would interfere with their political goal of universal experimental gene therapy through the covid vaccines. Those experimental gene therapies have caused the death and suffering of many people. Dr. Cole and Dr. Malone’s bravery is inspiring. Their information is useful. Just as important, their commitment shows that not everyone in America is willing to keep silent in the face of political opposition. Not everyone has gone along with the covid scam. Economism is the belief that people are motivated solely by economic considerations. Dr. Cole and Dr. Malone show that isn’t true. Remember people in healthcare that have been ostracized for speaking out against the covid scam and for refusing to be part of an experimental gene therapy mandate. We should restore their jobs to them. Ethics in healthcare matters.

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